Banking Webinar on Best Practices for Identity Fraud Management

Identity fraud trends point to higher impact on the bottom line for banks. Intrusive efforts to prevent identity fraud are a serious problem for customer centric organizations as they are time consuming, frustrating, and ultimately off-putting for customers.

Banks are focused on customer centricity while minimizing write-offs. Identity fraud is the area that drives these business objectives in opposite directions. While balancing these two business goals, what if you could manage 70% of your identity fraud while only reviewing only 10% of your traffic? 

Identity fraud management that combines the best of fraud analytics, authentication technology, real time business rules, and back-end business intelligence can help banks stay in step with federal regulations, lessen the impact of fraud losses on revenue goals, and allow more good customers to flow through in less time with less interruption. The right combination of acquisition segmentation models, social security number verification, and graduated business rule enabled tools can mitigate the cost of preventing fraud and create the optimum point for meeting customer service and revenue business goals.

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